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Shine like the Stars (On the Serpent's Scales) (Art Masterpost)

Title: Shine like the Stars (On the Serpent's Scales)
Author: ecarian
Fandom: American Idol
Media: Mechanical pencil, digital paint

Type: AU fantasy/steampunk
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sexual content, explicit xeno, temporary character death, violence, references to historical genocide
Summary: “Fear is a poison, Kris,” his father had told him once when Kris was small, rubbing Kris’ back before he flicked off the lamp on the bedside table. “Fear and hate; they’ll ruin you. They ruin everything.”

Adam is magic and childhood dreams and yes, okay, he’s terrifying; exotic and startling and strange, half man, half something out of a storybook, man and myth melded together in seamless imagination. The sway of his hips curl into the liquid flow of his tail, like a memory of legs, except too intimate, too proud to be considered once-bipedal. There’s mystery there; in the coil of his body, under the gleaming black of his scales. Next to him, Kris feels like a clumsy, ham-handed monkey.

Notes: Done for kradambigbang
Shine like the Stars is a beautiful, lyrical story, and you all need to read it and leave ecarian a ton of love. The art was a bit of a pain in the ass for me, because while I mostly knew exactly what I wanted to do, I got hit hard with artist's block every time I tried to work on it. I finally managed to get it under control, and I'm pretty happy with the results. :)

Thanks: ecarian was so much fun to work with, and amazingly patient with me throughout everything. Huge thanks to chosenfire28 and sparklycockles for both hosting kradambigbang and also working with us and giving us some leeway to get things finished.



Adam curls around Kris, shoring up a barrier of scales around his failing body, baring his teeth, throwing out bright shining lights from his hands, harsh hissing words that make no sense to Kris, but sound like curses, like swears. It takes more effort than Kris thought he had in him, but he curls an arm around Adam's tail, near Adam's waist.

His arm looks like the wrong side of ice magic, frostbite to the bone. He doesn't feel anything besides the press of Adam's hand to the back of his skull, doesn't hear anything but, "I've got you."


Tags: challenge: kradambigbang, fandom: american idol 8, medium: art

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